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Piano music

Jos van Riswick joue...

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Musical preference

Jos prefers so-called classical music, from the period around the turn of the century. At the moment, he is mainly playing the music of the Russian composers Sergei Rachmaninov and Alexander Scriabin.

Sergei Vasileiwich Rachmaninov (1873-1943) Russian pianist and composer, is a typical representative of the romantic school. He is considered one of the greatest virtuoso pianists of the twentieth century. (Some of his performances can still be heard, as he recorded numerous works on piano-rolls.) His music is characterized by its rich color and pianistic virtuosity, which at later stages though, tends to inhibit the development of his music. Nonetheless, his piano style is considered to be masterful, and his music is greatly appreciated by a large public.

Alexander Nicolajevitch Scriabin (1872-1915) Russian pianist and composer, is mainly known for the music he wrote in the style of Chopin (with a Russian flavor to it). Later in his life, he tries to break out from the chains of classical harmony, and the music naturally develops in the direction of atonality. The peak of this development, at the end of his life, may have been influenced by his mental illness. The late music of Scriabin though not often played, has a legendary reputation among specialists, and is even noted as a genuine insider-tip.

August Forster piano

Jos likes to play the piano. He has an August Forster grand-piano. It is a 1927 baby-grand, with ivory keys and a black-stained shellac polished finish (called French polish), which was restored by Jos. Have a look at the piano in the picture below.

August forster piano


Now and then Jos records music with his pc and sound card mounted on the piano, and publishes the mp3 files on the Internet. Click on the links below to try the music. Note that you need a sound card to be able to listen to the music. (Note: these files are not available at the moment, later.)

Composer Title Duration File size
S. Rachmaninov Prelude G min. 2 min. 330 kB
A. Scriabin Prelude op. 11 nr. 4 3 min. 340 kB
Prelude op. 11 nr. 5 4 min. 320 kB
Etude op. 8 nr. 12 5 min. 450 kB
Vers la flamme op. 72 5 min. 420 kB

Other interesting link: www.Stillevenschilders.nl

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