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Forging art

How to forge masterpieces of fine art.

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Making reproductions

To forge famous works of art I use a slide projector and paint.

Van Gogh

The first reproduction I made, was De appelbongert by Vincent van Gogh. Later, I added this sun flower pic:

Sun flowers by Van Gogh

Here are two self portraits by Van Gogh, one with a hat:

Self portrait with hat by Van Gogh

and a rather blue self portrait:

Self portrait by Van Gogh

Here are two more paintings that are rather blue. The amandelbloesemtakken

Some branches

and the famous starry night, which is now in the NY metropolitan museum:

Starry night

This picture is rather yellow:



The second reproduction I made, was a Mondriaan look-alike. It looks like this:

Composition by Mondriaan

Mo' pics I made are here: this composition by Mondriaan is in black and white:

Composition in black and white

whereas this composition is in red orange and blue (and black):

Composition in red, orange and blue


Anomalous maps are said to contain information that is inconsistent with the modern view of history An nice example, is the map of the Turkish discoverer Piri Reis, which he made in 1531, and which is a compilation of at least 20 other, older maps. The map is so special, because it contains a fairly detailed coastline of Antarctica. (Which was not recorded until the late 1940's.) Judge yourself in this picture:

World map of Piri Reis

Other interesting link: www.Stillevenschilders.nl

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