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This site

Hi! Jos van Riswick was a phd. student at the Eindhoven University of technology working on time-domain electromagnetic scattering. On this site, you'll find some stuff related to my work and personal interests. See the site map for more information.

Site map

Phd. thesis on time-domain electromagnetic scattering and M.Sc. thesis.
Vim page
Macro's for the vim text editor.
Piano section
Piano restoring and tuning.
Piano music.
Forging famous works of art.
Fvwm themes
Fvwm window manager themes and a ctwm theme.

Contact information


Jos van Riswick,
Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 4-7,
6512 AW, Nijmegen,
The Netherlands.
Tel: +31 24 3229768.
Email: josvanr@xs4all.nl

Other interesting link: www.Stillevenschilders.nl

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