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Vim macro page

Un useful macros for the text editor vim

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What is vim?

Vim means Vi-improved. Vi is an editor, traditionally used on UNIX platforms. The text-editor Vi is characterized by it's compact size and fast performance. Also, Vi has a completely keyboard-oriented user interface, i.e. all editing commands are available at your fingertips. Although Vi is a very powerful editing tool, it has some shortcomings.

Bram Moolenaar introduced a so-called clone of vi, called Vim, intended to overcome some of the shortcomings. Vim (version 5.3) now is supported on a large number of platforms, comes in a gui-version, has syntax highlighting for all civilized programming languages, and has a powerful built-in scripting language. Vim is freely available. Learn more about Vim and get information about download sites at the Vim home page www.vim.org

Vimrc file

The Vim-user is allowed to personalize the behavior of Vim by the use of a |_vimrc| resource file. Here custom settings can be defined, key mappings can be made, and functions that extend the functionality of vim can be defined. It is also possible to include external .vim files. Have a look at the commented part of my vimrc file, which contains links to the included .vim files below.

NEW: A tab-leaf setup editor, to edit your settings and mappings. See |setup.vim| for more information.

EVEN NEWER: A html parser for embedding vim functions in your html documents.

" |Readme|TODOList|
"  |array.vim|       Functions for using arrays of strings.
"  |arrays.vim|      Store multiple arrays in one string. (ALPHA)
"  |arrayg.vim|      Functions that operates on global strings. (ALPHA)
"  |bookmark.vim|    Macros for bookmaking favorite files.
"  |buffun.vim|      Functions for buffer operations.
"  |buflist.vim|     Interactive buffer list.
"  |comments.vim|    Macros for commenting and uncommenting code.
"  |compare.vim|     Compare two files by synchronizing file position. (ALPHA)
"  |compile.vim|     Compile programs in various languages.
"  |convert.vim|     Convert some files from dos to unix.
"  |filebrws.vim|    File browser with file-type coloring.
"  |fold.vim|        Use folding in Vim: hide and un-hide fragments of text.
"  |ftpbrws.vim|     Ftp browser: edit files on a remote ftp server. (Dos)
"  |fun.vim|         General purpose functions.
"  |funuse.vim|      List functions from which a given function is called.
"  |grep.vim|        Grep a string and browse the hits.
"  |guibufwn.vim|    Buffer list menu, for use with gui menus.
"  |hiarg.vim|       Highlight argument list of c and vim functions.
"  |htmlfun.vim|     Functions for html editing.
"  |inline.vim|      Include files in a html file: make an 'inline function'.
"  |josfix.vim|      Quick-fix for Tex/Latex.
"  |map.vim|         Mappings.
"  |ngbufwn.vim|     Buffer list menu, for use with non-gui menus.
"  |ngmenu.vim|      Menu command for non-gui vim.
"  |ph.vim|          Simple html parser for vim.
"  |settings.vim|    Define settings here. (Use ,s to edit, see setup.vim).
"  |setup.vim|       Use an interactive setup-editor.
"  |strfun.vim|      Functions for strings. (Partly obsolete).
"  |tab.vim|         Aligning text, sort of a tab key.
"  |tableaf.vim|     Generate tab leafs using ASCII characters.
"  |tags.vim|        Make your own tag files.
"  |txtfun.vim|      Functions for operating on text. (Obsolete)
"  |userfun.vim|     Generate syntax files for user-defined functions.

" Readme ---------------------------------------------------------- **Readme** 
" Jos van Riswick                                       Date: April 16th 1999
" For use with vim 5.3+ for windows, dos or unix
" For feedback email: josvanr@xs4all.nl
" http://www.dse.nl/~josvanr http://www.xs4all.nl/~josvanr
"   This file sources .vim files that contain mappings, settings,       
"   functions and combinations of the three. The mappings available at  
"   vim-startup, are defined in |map.vim|. General settings are defined
"   in |settings.vim|. Use ,s to edit this (see |setup.vim|).
"   Other .vim files can be sourced at will, to add functionality.
"   Note that some files contain dependencies, so sourcing those files
"   can cause other files to be sourced also. Most included files also
"   define additional mappings.
" Todo list ------------------------------------------------------ **TODOList** 
"   * Rewrite the non-gui menu script ngmenu.vim, using the console
"     menu additions in vim-5.4l
"   * Make some useful menus and tool bar buttons for the gtk/win32
"     gui version, like a menu for setting compiler options
"   * Make file browser to emulate nc, or use tab leafs?
"   * Make a :help 'file' command, displaying help for a file.
"   * Make a command to open multiple files (exist already?) to avoid           
"     'too many filenames' message.                                             
"   * Modify bufferlist to accept numbers to go to buffer x
"   * Make bufferlist last file edited appear on top
"   * Comments: recognize max linewidth in comment box automatically             
"     comment one line: use commentwidth.                                       
"   * Make a clipboard interface (show contents of registers in a normal        
"     window.                                                                   
"   * Make a bookmarks script with directories of bookmarks/project files
"   * Script for drawing/removing a cadre around text                           

Screen shots

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